Our Vision

The Sarina Russo Group energises and enhances people’s lives through education, employment and training.

Since 1979, Sarina Russo’s vision is to help individuals:

· Get that job;

· Keep that job;

· Grow that job; and

· Find the right staff for employers

Sarina Russo Job Access’ programme’s include:

· The Work Programme - assisting the unemployed into work

· Workplace Learning - corporate training to upskill people currently in employment

· Apprenticeships / Training

· Skills Support for Redundancy

If one job can change an individual it can change a household.

If one job can change a household it can change a community

If one job can change a community it can change a city

If one job can change a city it can change a country

If one job can change a country it can change the world.

Let’s work together to CHANGE THE WORLD, ONE JOB AT A TIME..