Sarina Russo

Managing Director & Founder

Passion, persistence and self-belief transformed Sarina Russo from a fired legal secretary into an international leader in education, training, recruitment and job creation.

In 1979, Sarina combined inspiration and desperation to open a small typing school with just nine students.  On graduation, she promised all the students jobs and she delivered.

The ability to execute is what the Sarina Russo brand stands for and why people have trusted it for 38 years.

Synonymous with the phrases ‘How to Get that Job’ and ‘See You at the Top’, Sarina’s philosophy is to constantly challenge the status quo, think differently, exceed expectations and deliver with speed and urgency.

Today the Sarina Russo Group delivers a comprehensive suite of services including job placement and psychology services for the unemployed, recruitment and workplace training to employers and international education programs including English language through to Masters Qualifications for students from over 40 different countries.

As a graduate of the Harvard Business School (USA) Owner/President Management Program, Sarina embraces her own personal development through participation in international conferences and workshops

A mentor, role model and motivator, Sarina Russo continues to dedicate her time, effort and energy to supporting individuals and businesses where she shares her positive message of individual change and transformation to create better communities and a better world.