‘Survival Job’ comes to the rescue

Southwark University graduate Matthew Preston spent the last year exhaustively looking for work in his chosen field after he secured his BA honours in product design.

However, since graduation Matthew's lack of success in finding a job left him feeling de-motivated and demoralised.

Late last year, Matthew came to Sarina Russo Job Access and joined the Community Taskforce programme.

Together with his employment consultant Lavinia Marius, Matthew completed a goal setting exercise so he could streamline his approach on how and where to look for work.

Matthew set short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals but was adamant he did not want retail work.

However, Lavina encouraged him to secure a 'survival job' to develop transferable work skills which will secure his future employability and financial position.

At his first attempt, Matthew successfully landed a retail job with JD Sports, Brixton - he's now off and running earning money and off job seekers allowance.