A ‘Salvo’ of confidence elevates Mikey’s career prospects

The isolation of unemployment took its toll on 22 year-old Southwark man Mikey Bray.

Even completing a job application was beyond Mikey due to his low self-esteem, depression and a lack of confidence in his own ability.

Mikey turned to Sarina Russo Job Access for help and his employment advisor Adeniran Omifisoye enrolled him in the Community Taskforce programme.

Mikey was placed at The Salvation Army's, Deptford charity, shop and began his placement in the basement sorting clothes for sale.

Through dedication and hard work, Mikey was promoted to work with customers on the shop floor and given the responsibility to work the tills.

"Being promoted to run the shop when the manager, Munetsi Toro is away is an amazing feeling. I now have great hope for the future," Mikey said.

Munetsi Toro, Manager Salvation Army Deptford said Mikey is by far my best volunteer.

"I rely completely on him. When I am away from the shop he runs it for me and I can completely trust him.

"I have put Mikey up for a full time paid position and as soon as I get clearance we will take him on permanently," Munetsi said.

Mikey's employment advisor Adeniran said Mikey's a great guy and it's wonderful to see how his confidence has skyrocketed.

"During his Sarina Russo Job Access graduation ceremony Mikey shed a tear as he was so proud of his accomplishment. We are all proud of him - especially me," Adeniran said.

"I am so thankful for to Sarina Russo Job Access because if it wasn't for them I don't know where I would be now - probably still be searching for answers. Now I have purpose and I love my work at Salvation Army," Mikey said.