After 33 years, self belief is still a powerful career tool – Sarina Russo

The power of self-belief is vital to sustain a successful career according to education, training and employment entrepreneur Sarina Russo.

As she celebrates 33 years in business, Sarina believes it's not what happens to you in your career - it's how you interpret it.

The success of self-belief in propelling my career forward didn't happen in the last 33 days, 33 weeks or 33 months. It's been a discipline which has taken 33 years.

"I was regularly fired as a legal secretary, and self-belief with a positive outlook helped me overcome adversity and start my own business in September 1979.

"A successful career is all about reengineering yourself and conquering fear.  It's about being prepared to push through any challenge and see opportunities. Only then can you discover your true capacity and potential - What you perceive, you can achieve.

Ten tips to maintain a successful career you must:

  1. Stay inspired;
  2. Be the person you want to be;
  3. Empower yourself through self-talk;
  4. Associate with positive people
  5. Never take things personally;
  6. Always look for silver linings;
  7. Build and enhance relationships;
  8. Practice lifelong learning to constantly re-invent yourself;
  9. Safeguard your health and fitness; and
  10. Celebrate your successes.

"The best career advice I've ever been given is 'you can do it'. The best advice I can give anyone in business is 'if it is to be it is up to me'," Sarina said.