Three years unemployed to Employee of the Month - Amrik shows how to get that job

Amrik had the right attitude and was eager to find work but regular rejections were sapping his confidence and motivation.

This made the 29 year olds’ search for a job all the more harder especially as he been unemployed for three years.

That’s when Paula Leedham, a consultant from Sarina Russo Job Access, stepped in to find out why Amrik was failing and what needed to be done to get Amrik a job.

Paula says when she initially met Amrik his lack of confidence was noticeable and also learnt he kept stumbling at the interview stage.

“Amrik was losing faith, he was at the end of his tether and needed someone to believe in him,” she says.

Paula began to meet with Amrik twice a week to teach him the skills necessary for a good interview.

“I worked intensely with him two or three times a week and spoke to employers to get feedback on his interviews. Most said the same thing: he was too quiet in interviews.”

Paula arranged mock interviews for Amrik, information on standard interview questions and feedback on how he could improve. As the weeks went by, his confidence and self-esteem grew under the Sarina Russo program.

Late last year he secured an interview with McDonald’s. Paula called the managers to tell them a little about Amrik, his background and his passionate determination to get a job.

He went for the interview with the knowledge he’d learnt from the Sarina Russo program, and sure enough, he got the job.

Amrik says Paula’s assistance had been invaluable.

“Paula is marvellous, she helped me for three years to overcome the difficulties I was facing,” he says.

Paula feels the same way about McDonald’s assistance.

“McDonald’s are brilliant,” says Paula. “They adapted the workplace and are positive about people with disabilities. Amrik feels really valued.”

Ramz Vink, a manager at the McDonald’s branch where Amrik works, said they regard him as a long-term staff member with a great future at McDonald’s.

“He shows a positive attitude and is always trying to give that little bit extra.”

Thanks to the assistance of Sarina Russo Job Access, Amrik is now thriving. In fact, he has already been awarded ‘Employee of the month’ for December.