Be proactive when out hunting for a job

According to Sarina Russo Job Access CEO Kevin Ayre, the five top employing industries for the class of 2012 will be:

  • Hospitality - hotels, restaurants, catering, resorts and the like;
  • Business services -office administration, call centres, information technology;
  • Health and social assistance - hospitals, childcare, community care, aged and residential care;
  • Retail - selling merchandise to the public;
  • Transport and logistics - warehousing, freight and passenger transportation via rail, road, aviation and port infrastructure.

Mr Ayre said school leavers need to become proactive and actively go looking for a job, because it wouldn't be looking for them.

"Don't be shy - reach outside of your comfort zone and contact people you've never met," he said. "If you have a mutual contact, ask f you can refer to them.

"It's important to make an impression," he continued. 

"Plan how you'll sell yourself and prepare a list of relevant questions about the industry, the company and your potential role."Most of all, be professional. Even if there's no work now, they may remember you."