Catering for a Chef that Cares

Antony has a chance to achieve his dream of becoming a head chef whilst still being able to care for his ailing father according to Alison Bicknell from Sarina Russo Job Access Leamington Spa

Allison said Anthony had been out of the kitchen for over five years caring for his father and had lost total confidence in his ability to get a job in hospitality.

"Antony really wanted a catering industry job so we organised for a 26 week work placement for him at The Veggie Kitchen at the Bath Place Community Venue.

"Almost immediately Antony regained his confidence and passion for cooking and added a whole new range of vegetarian delights to his cooking repertoire.

"He developed a fantastic discipline to work, improved his IT skills and his ability to work in a team environment. Most of all, his placement gave him a much needed outlet from the demands and pressures of caring for his father," Allison said.

Antony's now working as a junior chef at a local working towards his ambition of becoming a head chef.