Childcare Pilot Flies for Young Apprentices

Twelve young people from Chatham were identified to undertake a Childcare Apprenticeship by Sarina Russo Job Access Chatham.

At the initial interview, nine were put straight into the course, two were given extra mentoring on attitude and outlook, and one young lady needed some extra support to improve her skills.

All twelve started the programme run in conjunction with Quest Training, funded through North West Kent College and held at Sarina Russo Job Access' Chatham office.

After a five week intensive programme, ten of the group have passed their Paediatric First Aid. Five students have already secured placements, with three awaiting interviews. The young lady who needed basic skills assistance moved on with her soft and social skills and has now been accepted into a College course.

Marion Warren and her team are to be congratulated for delivering a pilot programme that has had a positive impact on the lives of all twelve participants.

Following the success of this pilot scheme, Sarina Russo Job Access is looking to start another programme in April 2011, as well as explore apprenticeship opportunities in other industry sectors.