Cleaning Up! A win/win outcome!

Caring Hands is a charity working with the homeless in Medway towns, offering a drop in centre, kitchen and café as well as re-cycling computers for sale and use.

The Centre has kept stores in wooden sheds at the rear of the building, which were broken into on many occasions. The centre's manager, Marty Brogan, knew the sheds had to be replaced, but clearing the garden was going to be time consuming and costly. This is where Sarina Russo Job Access Chatham and the Community Taskforce programme came to the rescue!

Sarina Russo Job Access organised a ground clearing project involving four of our CTF customers: Lee, Tom, Ross and Oliver.

Lee had spent more than half his life in prison. Initially the programme was hard for him, but he quickly became so involved that he inspired all the other team members.

Oliver was badly affected by the isolation that unemployment can bring. However, with his strong work ethic, Oliver was soon appointed second-in-command on the project. Similarly, Tom and Ross proved to be invaluable team members whose confidence grew remarkably throughout the project - all four young men are now undertaking their CSCS card and have obtained a valuable reference to help them secure employment.

With all their hard work, we also ensure the team is well fed - two other Community Taskforce customers, Sam and Champagne, prepare and cook up to 185 breakfasts, snacks and lunches for local homeless people every day!