Constructing the foundation for building careers

The foundations for many great careers in the construction industry are being built after a chance industry function meeting.

Sarina Russo Job Access subcontractor, Ann Gray from Connexions, introduced herself to a manager from Shires 4 Education, a large private company that deals in construction and apprenticeships.

Ann said most of the unemployed young men she deals with have an interest in construction but are held back because they don't feel they have the appropriate skills.

"Shires 4 Education were very keen to discuss apprenticeships options with me and within a week he emailed me all the necessary information and application forms to apply for positions.

I talked to my young clients how an apprenticeship can give them new skills, 18 months work experience, a guaranteed wage of £95 a week, an L2 qualification and the possibility of a full time job.

They were all keen but were worried about sitting the construction skills test. We arranged for a Shires Employment Adviser to talk to them about the process, gave them a construction skills practice test and worked on their interview skills.

Since late last year 15 young jobseekers successfully applied for the apprenticeship and started work.