Courage Gets Sarah that Job

Nuneaton jobseeker Sarah was on a two week work trial at McDonalds when domestic violence threatened her employment future.

She was simply too scared to take the job.

That was until her Employment Advisor Aneta Rusch (pictured) stepped in and gave Sarah the support she needed not only to take the job but to leave her abusive husband.

McDonalds are extremely happy with her commitment to her job and support her 100%.

It's this commitment and dedication that allows Aneta to achieve such fantastic results for her customers

"I focus on the job ready skills of my customers, get them in at least twice a week and put them through 'Better Off Calculations', interview and marketing skills sessions," Aneta said.

Customers are expected to make calls to employers help maximise the opportunity of an interview and to give them ownership of their own fate.

Aneta is always networking outside of work and will ask companies if they have vacancies as she goes about her daily life.

The range of recent jobs secured by Aneta include - Chef, Mobile Carer, Construction Labourer, Marketing Assistant, Data Input Clerk, Royal Marine, Parcel Sorter, Kitchen Assistant, Customer Service Assistant and Production Operative.