Department short lists Sarina Russo Job Access' How to Get that Job approach

The Department of Work and Pensions has short listed Sarina Russo Job Access' How to get that Job approach in three Employment Related Support Service Framework Regions - London, South East and West Midlands.

Mr Mark Berlese, CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access said the short listing is recognition of Sarina Russo Job Access' ability to work with the locals, community and voluntary organisations to deliver first class employment services with speed and urgency.

"Our philosophy is based on outcome focused job solutions aimed at the needs of both local jobseekers and employers.

"We successfully operate on a local, community based level in the West Midlands under Flexible New Deal Phase 1 where we have enhanced the lives of thousands of locals since October 2009.

"With our partners more than 4,000 Community Task Force work placements have been delivered across London, the South East and the West Midlands since February 2010.

"Sarina Russo Job Access' vocational training and back-to-work experience empowers and equips unemployed people with job-ready skills to succeed in today's workplace.

"Interested organisations looking to partner with Sarina Russo Job Access in London, South East and the West Midlands can contact us on 02476 238150 or visit our website at

"We are always looking for new organisations to join our list of approved providers to ensure we offer jobseekers the widest range of support and training relevant to local employers.

"Sarina Russo Job Access' integrated business approach gives our partners access to the expertise of 31 years experience in education, training, specialist services and premium recruitment," Mr Berlese said.