Disruption equals opportunity - embrace it

Never wish for more of the same. Wish for something different because if you think the unforeseeable won't happen to you - believe me, it will.

Disrupt your business before someone else disrupts it for you.

It is how you embrace the uncertainty of disruption that governs your future. You must be ready for anything.

Disruption forces you to harvest new ideas and opportunities, to elevate your thinking and prepares you for the unknown. At a recent all-staff event in Melbourne, our team was asked what was the main disrupting force we were facing.

The answer was technology.

The smartphone is revolutionising the way we think, the way we live our lives and the way we act as consumers.

During the next two to five years, two billion new consumers from emerging nations will have access to the online world through smartphones.

Turbocharged by the technological revolution, disruption is now the norm. Unless you provoke your team's thinking, complacency may set in and your bottom line will soon confirm your business has stagnated and could even be wiped out like the printed street directories.

To foster great ideas and opportunities, you must learn to accept disruption, you must enjoy disruption and you must make disruption part of your business journey.

But how do you make the tough decision to disrupt yourself and your business?

First, disruption requires mental preparation, curiosity and disciplined learning. You must condition yourself on a daily basis to like change, to like improvement, to like re-engineering yourself and your business.

The status quo must be challenged every day.

Never assume good sales will continue.

What's changing for your consumers? Your competitors? Your alliances?

Understand your sales data and customer profiles in detail.

Evolve your business model to appeal to the consumer rather than your executive team.

Stay flexible, focused, and keep refining your model to deliver more for your customers so you get more from them.

As a change agent you must sell your new direction with positive language and vision.

What is happening in your industry and the world? Staff are savvy.

Denial and limited beliefs are human traits that exist in all of us.

You must combat resistance and embrace renewal.

You must give your team the opportunity and resources to re-engineer their thinking. Some staff will not be able to adapt and may need to be let go.

This is an opportunity to appoint new voices who can give your business a new excitement and a new understanding of how to achieve your desired outcomes.

Nothing is guaranteed. Life changes.

Embrace disruption and see it as an opportunity to build your business rather than something to be feared and avoided.


Source: The Australian, August 03, 2013