Ex-offenders ‘stoked’ with job support

Stoke on Trent College engaged Wider Impact Consulting to independently research the needs and aspirations of ex-offenders, in relation to gaining meaningful employment.

Sarina Russo Job Access Stoke on Trent gave researches access to a number of their ex-offender clients.

Feedback from one-on-one interviews and an individual case study indicate the positive contribution the Sarina Russo Job Access team are making to their lives of ex-offenders.

Edwin Lewis, Director, Wider Impact Consulting said:

Based on my observation, interviews with [Sarina Russo Job Access] clients and general feedback from other agencies in the area, it is apparent the team have the skills, tools, commitment, passion and further attributes to achieve their [job outcome] objectives, and are clearly a 'shining light' of good practice in the Stoke on Trent area.