Foundation’s heart pumps new retail careers

The confidence that comes through doing a job you like and can succeed at, shows that the work experience definitely works for customer and employer - Magdalena Dabrowsaka - Assistant Manager, British Heart Foundation, Leytonstone (East London).

Magdalena was contacted by Hariss Pervez of Sarina Russo Job Access to see if she would take a 13-week work experience person to experience the retail and customer service environment.

Magdalena offered work experience opportunities for two Sarina Russo Job Access volunteers - Mel and Kenny.

Both worked very hard over the next four weeks and were very suited to the job. So impressed was Magdalena she wanted to keep them and offer them paid work. She contacted her head office and then wrote a proposal to apply for some funding.

Her belief in Mel and Kenny paid off when head office announced they would give both volunteers a 25-hour a week contract for 6 months with an hourly rate of £6.45 p/h.

Sarina Russo Job Access salutes Magdalena and British Heart Foundation - 'Thank you for sharing the challenge in order to secure the future'.