Getting those jobs which are never advertised

Networking is the key to accessing the 'hidden job' market to getting those jobs which are never advertised according to Mr Paul Siffre, CEO, of Sarina Russo Job Access.

Mr Siffre said networking creates job opportunities for job hunters because so many jobs today simply aren't advertised.

"Getting the job you want is as simple as going beyond traditional job hunting methods and being proactive in directly approaching people you know and companies you'd like to work for.

"A successful networker initially contacts people who can provide them with advice or referrals which will lead them in the right direction.

"Your job search network can vary, from family and friends to professional contacts.

"You need to overcome the tendency to give priority to people you know and are comfortable with, rather than people who are most relevant to your job search.

"That's why it's important not to screen anyone out of your possible list of contacts because even if a person seems irrelevant they may know someone who can help you.

"After any meeting or conversation, ask for referrals or names of other people who may know of any relevant job opportunities.

"It's often surprising how the most unlikely contacts can result in a successful job search.

"Cold calling and sending your resume directly to carefully targeted employers is also a door opener but it's important you do your research to ensure you're approaching the right person.

Key networking tips include:
•    Don't be shy - reach outside of your comfort zone and contact people you've never met
•    If you have a mutual contact, ask if you can refer to them;
•    Make an impression - plan how you'll sell yourself;
•    Prepare a list of relevant questions about the industry, the company and you're potential role; and
•    Be professional - even if there's no work now, they may remember you

"Persistence is the key and you must follow up every lead given to you if you want to get those jobs that are never advertised, Mr Siffre said.