Global Dragon Fires up Great Britain Employment Den

Great Britain jobseekers will experience a more entrepreneurial approach to finding work with the entry of Sarina Russo Job Access into the local employment market.

With over 30 years experience in education, training and recruitment business, Sarina Russo is one of Australia's leading businesswomen and appeared as a 'Dragon' in the Australian version of the hit television series Dragons' Den.  Sarina also appeared in the recent television show Dragons Den - Around the World.

Sarina believes in such a tough job market a more entrepreneurial approach is needed to find people sustainable work. Miss Russo said with Great Britain's unemployment rate at around 7.8%, our 'entrepreneurial' approach to skills identification, appropriate training, employer engagement and jobseeker mentoring gets results.

"In our recent Australian contract, Sarina Russo Job Access placed over 130,000 jobseekers with more than 100,000 employers."

We've always had a point of difference.  We always challenged the status quo. We've always thought differently.  We've always exceeded the expectation of our clients. We've always delivered with speed and urgency.  This is what our brand stands for and this is why people trust our brand.

"We also understand jobseekers with family and financial responsibilities are in pain and it's so important to maximise their competitiveness in a tough labour market.

Sarina Russo Job Access' local team is headed by Paul Siffre - one of the UK's leading Welfare to Work experts.

Mr Siffre is recognised as an industry leader for his innovative recruitment strategies that connect jobseekers, particularly disadvantaged jobseekers, with the right employer.

Mr Siffre said it's now an employers' market and there is so much competition for each and every job.

"It's so important for job seekers to respond positively and take action to improve their employment prospects by improving their confidence and skills through education and training."

Sarina Russo Job Access entrepreneurial approach includes:

·        Pre-employment preparation,
·        Employer brokerage,
·        Job ready training courses,
·        Life skills training,
·        Career counselling, post placement support, mentoring, and
·        Outplacement service including psychology and occupational therapy services for          highly disadvantaged jobseekers.

"Sarina Russo Job Access has great success in getting jobs for people with a disability, the mature aged, people from a non-English speaking background and the very long term unemployed," Mr Siffre.

With 15 years local industry experience, UK Operations Director, Chris Seel will tailor employer engagement strategies to local employers which add value to both the job seeker and the employer.

"Employers also benefit from our entrepreneurial approach because we allow them to concentrate running their business while Sarina Russo Job Access refers them job ready candidates," Mr Seel said.

One of the world's largest employment companies Serco secured Sarina Russo Job Access as their sub-contractor for seven West Midland sites including Coventry, Worcester, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Nuneaton, Kidderminster and Redditch.

"If you want to know your future you look at your past and Sarina Russo Job Access has helped change the lives of hundreds of thousand of students and jobseeker in the past 30 years and we look forward to delivering our expertise to local jobseekers," Miss Russo said.