I’m the ‘1’ in 31 celebrations

Sarina Russo Job Access is over the moon as we celebrate our first year in operation on October 5, 2010. This anniversary coincides nicely with the 31 year celebration of the Sarina Russo Group.

"I'm the '1' in 31'" is the motto for the UK team as we strive to deliver quality education, training, recruitment and job creation for our clients.

We are now so proud to be working with Jobcentre Plus and all of our partners across the UK to provide a new generation of jobseekers with the opportunity to find fulfilling careers with a real purpose that enrich their lives.

The dawn of every new day brings opportunity for success as we enter our second year of operations with continued passion and commitment to make a difference.

Let's forge ahead to showcase our capacity and step up to a higher standard than we can possibly imagine!

Join with us to celebrate our birthday and......I'll see you at the top!