I'm not going back!


It's 7:45am on Monday and Mark Berlese (CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access, Great Britain) meets Michael who is sitting with Employment Advisor Vickie.

Mark said to Michael, 'You're keen to be here so early'.

Michael responded he'd been made redundant that morning and the first place he wanted to visit was Sarina Russo Job Access so he could get a new job.

When Michael lost his previous job he went to Job Centre Plus to sign up for his benefit. He shared with Vickie "there's no way I'm going back to Job Centre Plus".

What changed Michael? Employment changed Michael. Employment transformed his attitude which determined his altitude. With this new attitude Michael lost his job Monday at 7.30am and started a new job the next day at 7.30am - with more pay.

As Mark says life is all about getting up when we are knocked down, dusting yourself off and looking ahead to where you want to be and who you want to be. Michael knows where he wants to be -working and he knows who he wants to be - a person you can count on.