Jamie swears by his new attitude

Who bothers to help an extremely rude and foul mouthed person change their attitude?

Employment advisor, Thomas Gilbert, from Sarina Russo Job Access Nuneaton.

When Jamie first came to Sarina Russo Job Access he behaved appallingly. He was extremely rude to everyone in the office and used foul language as his preferred method of communication.

So how did Thomas change Jamie's attitude?

He listened and treated Jamie with respect.

After a long conversation, Thomas learnt Jamie hated being stuck indoors and wanted to work with his hands in an outdoor environment.

Thomas got Jamie a work placement with Glendale who looks after the maintenance of public parks and pathways.

Jamie now has a purpose to get out of bed in the morning, Glendale is extremely pleased with his work and his whole attitude to life has changed.

Jamie's Contract Manager at Glendale, Karl Fisher, said they would be very happy for Jamie to continue with them for a further 13 weeks. His performance and punctuality had been excellent.

"If Jamie continues in the manner we would be pleased to offer him a fixed term contract during mid-March 2011 for the grass cutting season.'

Jamie has been transformed into a really pleasant person and when he comes into Sarina Russo Job Access to do his job search he makes the staff cups of tea.