Jobs campaign designs and assembles 748 new careers

748 local West Midlands jobs like Sean Townsend and Mansangu Verron Sufuru have new careers thanks to the 'Jobs for a Better Community - 600 jobs in 100 days' campaign.

Mr Stephen Howe, Manager of Sarina Russo Job Access, Coventry said the campaign is so successful a new goal of 750 jobs in 100 days has been set.

"Sean is now a design consultant at 'Next' with retail specialist 'Next' and Mansangu has started work as Assembly Operative through Manpower.

"Sarina Russo Job Access put a lot of energy into marketing the skills of our jobseekers directly to local employers.

"In a tough economy it is pleasing so many local employers participated in the jobs campaign and many more are considering taking on new staff in the future.

"The campaign's strength is the engagement with the local business community and their openness to give a local a job.

Rebecca Tallis from Next and Natalie Salmon from Manpower both believe the community benefits when local businesses employ local jobseekers.

Ms Tallis said I rely on local customers to support my business so it makes perfect sense for me to hire local people.

Ms Salmon said as an employer, I'm always prepared to give someone a go as long as they show the right attitude to work.

"You can always teach someone skills, but a jobseeker's most valuable asset is having the right attitude. Mansangu has the right attitude,'' Ms Salmon said.

Both Mansangu and Sean believe there is a lot to be said for the power of employment.

"It makes you feel important and needed and I'm thankful for the advice and support Sarina Russo Job Access gave me to become job-ready," Mansangu said.

Sean said he appreciated the opportunity Next gave him. I love a challenge and I'm determined to prove that I'm the best Design Consultant I can be.

Mr Howe said Sarina Russo Job Access is continuing to encourage local employers needing staff to contact Sarina Russo Job Access and help us in our goal of placing over 750 jobs in 100 days.