Message from Sarina Russo Job Access, CEO, Mark Berlese

To help jobseekers 'get that job' and 'stay in that job' we must continually build momentum by ACTING NOW, STAYING FOCUSSED, KEEPING ACTIVE, BEING DECISIVE and STAYING OPTIMISTIC.

This can-do attitude has allowed our staff and partners to transform the lives of thousands of local jobseekers. We've placed them into work programmes, mentored them through the tough times and got them job-ready.

A record 2400 plus jobseekers have been commenced with over 120 placed into work in July. Congratulations to all our local offices who have achieved their 100th placement.

As part of the executive team there's no bigger buzz than when I walk into a training room, speak to jobseekers and witness the difference our programmes, and staff, make to their lives. They have greater confidence, self-belief and an appreciation of our can-do attitude.

A big thank you to our partner sub contractors, JobCentre Plus and Department of Work & Pensions for being so supportive of the work we do with jobseekers.