Michelle’s 712 day search ends with a smile

Stoke jobseeker Michelle's 712 day search for a job will soon end with a smile when she starts work as a support worker for Salt Box.

The journey wasn't easy but Michelle's employment advisor Kerry Clayton was there to lend advice and support when she faltered.

After two years out of the workforce Michelle was feeling very down and overwhelmed by the many work barriers she was facing in her life, such as housing, health and finance problems.

Michelle was very disillusioned with the outcome of some training she completed in the care industry. Promised outcomes and certificates were never delivered by the provider.

During her initial interview with Sarina Russo Job Access her advisor Kerry identified her health problems, a lack of confidence and motivation issues as the main barriers to her securing full-time work.

Community Task Force was the ideal programme for Michelle to overcome her barriers to work and, and to both rediscover her skills and develop new ones. Her work placement as a support worker at Salt Box provided her with a new sense of self worth which translates into enthusiasm to put new skills to work in paid employment.

While Michelle struggled with her attendance on the programme, she was given a chance to talk through issues and make a plan to resolve them before they threatened her chances for employment.

Because of this co-operation, and the hard work put in by Kerry, Jan at Salt Box, and Michelle herself, her life has been changed for the better. Michelle's performance at her work placement has led to her being taken on as a paid member of staff by the organisation. She can now plan for her future, and the future looks good!