MP sees how jobseekers are helped to find work – Worcester News

WEST Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin got a first-hand view of the employment market when she met jobseekers while visiting an organisation that helps people get back to work.

Mrs Baldwin was at the offices of Sarina Russo Job Access in Sansome Street, Worcester. The organisation operates in conjunction with Government programmes to help people of all ages to get into work and remain employed.

Sarina Russo opened its Worcester office in October 2009 and has helped hundreds of people get a job.

The MP is a member of the work and pensions select committee and asked staff about the challenges of preparing local people for full time work.

She said: "Some people face higher barriers than others to secure long-term employment and it is great that organisations such as Sarina Russo are able to work in the community making a difference.

"In my role sitting on the work and pensions select committee we are looking at the new contracts for the Government's new Work Programme. This will pay different levels of fee for seven different levels of jobseeker.

"The harder they are to place, the higher the fee will be and the fee will also be paid in stages, with extra payments when people have stayed in work for over two years.

"It was interesting to get some feedback from those who work with the unemployed on a day-to-day basis and see some of the challenges they face. In Worcestershire, a particular issue is public transport in rural areas."