Russo and Lockyer named 2012 ‘‘Legends of Brisbane’’

Brisbane Legend

Businesswoman Sarina Russo and rugby league great Darren Lockyer were named as 2012 ''Legends of Brisbane'' at a stellar luncheon of corporates at Customs House.

Brisbane Lord Mayor,  Graham Quirk, announced them both as ''legends'', with the Lord Mayor heaping praise on them for their individual and unique skills and contribution to the City.

Sarina shared with the audience that it's not what happens to you in business - it's how you interpret it. "The success of self-belief in propelling my business forward didn't happen in the last 33 days, 33 weeks or 33 months. It's been a discipline which has taken 33 years.

"It's all about reengineering yourself.  It's about being prepared to push through any challenge and see opportunities.

Starting a business is scary but once you conquer this fear you can discover your true capacity and potential -  What you perceive, you can achieve.