Sarina Russo Job Access’ contract extended

The Department of Work & Pensions has confirmed the extension of referrals to Sarina Russo Job Access' Community Taskforce. 

Referrals were to end on 31 March but now Sarina Russo Job Access will be able to continue accepting customers until 1 June 2011 with the programme finishing on 30 September 2011.

Mark Berlese, CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access said from 1 April, the Community Taskforce will be the only Young Person's Guarantee program available.

"Sarina Russo Job Access expects to be delivering employment services to an increasing number of jobseekers. 

"We are 'revving-up' and looking forward to the challenge of educating young people 'How to Get that Job' and 'How to Stay in that Job'," Mr Berlese said.