Sarina Russo Job Access ‘Numero Uno’ in West Midlands


The West Midlands is home to the UK's number one employment agency for helping the long-term unemployed back into sustainable work, according to Work Programme performance data released by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Working as one of several subcontractors to the Employment & Skills Group (esg), Sarina Russo Job Access has exceeded government targets for the number of people helped back into long-term work.

"We have helped 20% more people into long-term work than the best lead provider in DWP's performance tables. By our reckoning, that makes us the number one employment services provider in the country in terms of helping long-term unemployed people to get back into work!"

Sarina Russo Job Access, CEO, Mark Berlese said these results are a tribute to our teams' entrepreneurial philosophy and our ability to focus on what a jobseeker 'can do'.

"We empower people to be accountable and responsible for their life, to never stop learning, to persist and to believe in themselves with passion.

“One job changes a household. So when a job changes a household, it changes a community, and when it changes a community, it changes a city, and when it changes a city, it changes a nation, and when it changes a nation, it changes the world,” Mr Berlese said.