Sarina Russo Job Access bids to build on community work placements

Sarina Russo Job Access has just submitted tenders to provide community workplacements to jobseekers in in London, the South East and the West Midlands.

The new Mandatory Work Activity programme is part of the Government's welfare reforms. Any jobseeker who isn't currently on the Work Programme can be referred by the Jobcentre for a four-week full-time community work placement, helping them to gain valuable work experience and provide them with the discplines associated with employment while at the same time making a contribution to the local community.
Through the Community Task Force programme, Sarina Russo Job Access and its subcontractors have provided more than 8,000 community work placements in the past 12 months. This experience means that SRJA has all of the skills and resources in place to deliver an effective, high quality MWA programme - we will find out in April whether the Department for Work & Pensions agrees!"