Skills teenagers need to ‘Get that Job’

Employers are interested in what they describe as 'employability skills' according to Sarina Russo, Managing Director of Sarina Russo Job Access.

Employability skills are the skills which allow people to do their jobs well under all circumstances - they are over and above technical skills required to do the job.

"Employability skills such as the right attitude, energy and urgency are important no matter where young people work or what work they do.

"There are eight key 'employability skills' that jobseekers must be mindful of them in their phone calls, cover letters, job applications and interviews.

1. Communication

Customer focussed attitude

2. Teamwork

Ability to build relationships with other employees

3. Problem Solving

Think outside the box when solving a problem

4. Initiative and enterprise

CAN DO skills and a WILL DO attitude

5. Planning and organisation

Do ordinary things extraordinarily well

6. Self-management

Take ownership of your tasks

7. Learning

Search out training in the skills and tools you need to do the job well

8. Technology

Don't fight change - Use it

"Become an above average person. Work on yourself. Develop an above average handshake. Develop an above average smile. Develop above average skills, above-average passion, and an above-average walk.

"In such a competitive job market if you demonstrate how you have developed and used these employability skills you'll be well on the way to getting that job," Sarina Russo said.