Smile if you want the job

With limited jobs on offer it's important that when the right job comes along, you do everything you can to secure the position.

And sometimes, it is the simple things that count the most.

There is never a second chance to make a first impression and Mark Berlese, CEO at Sarina Russo Job Access UK, knows this old cliche is more true when it comes to job hunting.

Mark believes that a well-placed smile and firm handshake can make all the difference.

"Job seekers need to be able to develop an immediate, engaging relationship with their prospective employers, and a good first impression is the easiest way to do that," Mark says.

He says while this might seem obvious, it is something many people can overlook amid the nerves and to-do lists that come with applying for jobs, updating resumes and preparing for interviews.

"Just think, if you were the prospective employer, which would you rather - a smile or a frown?" Mark says.

Mark says being genuine and comfortable is also essential.

You might be smiling but, if it's a fake, forced smile, forget it.

Finally, research into the business and position on offer is critical in the interview process and helps job seekers take more confidence with them into the interview.

For prospective employees who sometimes fall short because they feel overwhelmed, Mark has some simple advice:

"Be yourself, but make sure you get the simple things right.

"All these little things add up to make an overall presentation which will ultimately determine if you get a position."