Smile radiates success and gets James a job



















Sometimes, it is the simple things that count the most in getting a job according to Mark Berlese, CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access.

Mr Berlese said James Moseley is profoundly deaf and has no speech yet his smile was so powerful the employer, Parcelforce, remembered him from when he worked there ten years previously.

Parcelforce said James' smile indicated just how much he wanted to work here.

"It was wonderful so many of our long-term staff remembered James particularly as he only communicates using British Sign Language.

James had worked for the Royal Mail for 1 year until their operations were relocated in August 2010.  Since then he'd been unemployed and finding it tough getting warehouse or factory work.

To make matters worse many employment agencies would not even consider him for jobs due to his deafness.

Other employers said they would happily employ him but in these tough economic times they did not have any vacancy.

Sarina Russo Job Access Coventry supported James in various ways including updating his CV and cover letter, mock interviews, job searching tips and actively marketing his skill set to employers.

His consultant, Julie Tuft, was determined to get James back into work and got him an interview with an agency specialising in warehouse staffing.

Julie accompanied James to the initial interview to act as interpreter.  James' smile and previous solid work history was a bonus.

As luck would have it, James was invited for interview at Parcelforce where he'd worked 10 years ago and where his work ethic was still remembered.

James was ecstatic when he was offered a job.  Julie once again accompanied him to the induction so his new employers were totally confident he understood all the health and safety policies.

Parcelforce is so keen to have James on board that he has also ordered a vibrating fire alarm which James can carry in his pocket in case of fire.

Julie said James is a pleasure to work with as he has a fantastic attitude and always had the belief I would help get him a job.

"To know he had that much faith in me motivated me to have the same faith as him - never give up," Julie said.