Stacy’s working on her second chance at life

So terrified at the prospect of going to prison Stacy Ellison tried to take her own life.

Fortunately for Stacy her friend dropped in for a visit and got her to Emergency where her stomach was pumped.

Stacy had previously undertaken a training course at Sarina Russo Job Access Chatham and sought out trainer Beverly Ahern-Iosco and told her what had happened.

Beverly said Stacy was feeling unbelievably low and immediately involved employment consultant Marion Warren who contacted Stacy's doctor to arrange an urgent appointment.

Stacy said she really felt cared for by Beverly and Marion and Beverly came with her to the doctors and Marion supported her, especially on the day she went to court.

"I still haven't informed my family of my charge but I have my own support system at Sarina Russo Job Access.

"At the moment, I am busy at Sarina Russo Job Access working on their fundraiser for Medway Age Concern and I have surprised myself with what I have achieved and I hope to be working soon with the Greyhound Trust on a work placement."

"I feel so much more positive about my future. I have listened to the doctor, changed my diet and am working toward my future," Stacy said.