Start holidays with a handover

December is here and we are hurtling towards Christmas.

If you are taking a break the importance of an effective "holiday handover" can't be underestimated.

Sarina Russo, managing director of Sarina Russo Group, warned an ineffective "holiday handover" meant deadlines would be missed, customer needs overlooked and work piled up.

"A smooth and systematic holiday handover ensures the job gets done," she said.

"The holiday taker can then return to work knowing they will not be `stressed or overloaded' on their first day back."

Here's Sarina Russo Job Access 10-point holiday handover checklist which may help destress your return to work:

1. Write a step-by-step handover list outlining job duties, timelines, deadlines, resources, current actions and reporting responsibilities.

2. Give a copy of your handover list to both your replacement and your boss.

3. Have a face-to-face meeting with your replacement to explain protocols and duties.

4. Explain you're on holiday and who is filling-in for you on your out-of-office email, landline and mobile telephone message.

5. If your replacement uses your workstation don't leave personal items on your desk.

6. Tell your friends you're on holidays as their emails may be funny to you but may offend your replacement.

7. Don't expect the job to be done exactly your way

8. On your return, meet with your replacement, and your boss to understand what has been done.

9. Stay in the loop by catching up on office developments.

10. Resist getting too stressed too quickly.

"These 10 simple holiday handover tips ensure holiday periods can be effectively covered with no detrimental effect," Ms Russo said.


Source: Quest, 05 December 2012.