Stuart's Future is a Go, Go, Go


A bi-polar sufferer since 1993, Stuart had a breakdown in 2004 and then lost his business.

Debts mounted and Stuart was caught in a spiral of severe anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and alcohol related issues.

At his lowest point there was no food in the cupboard and he felt he was failing to provide for his family.

When he came to Sarina Russo Job Access he was aggressive and said he only turned up because he had to or his money would be stopped.

His advisor Joanne Day built a trust with Stuart and suggested the Green Light Programme.

Stuart completed the Green Light Program gave very powerful feedback:

It has changed my life
It has changed the way I think
I wish I had been on this course years ago
I’ve actually found my self esteem
I want to tell everyone about it
I actually feel like I have been born again
It is like a light was switched on
Sarina Russo will get you better before she gets you busy
It is no longer a chore to come here – it is an absolute pleasure
I am looking forward to the future for the first time in years

A few weeks ago Stuart didn’t leave the house – now he is returned as a guest speaker for the Green Light Programme.

He is also looking at a new career in counselling where he can share his experience and successes with others.