Top jobs provider to keep West Midlands working

West Midlands jobseekers will still have access to an entrepreneurial approach to getting a job with Sarina Russo Job Access to provide employment services under the Work Programme.


Mr Mark Berlese, CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access said as West Midlands' number one employment provider we are excited to partner with Serco and ESG to place Coventry, Nuneaton and Kidderminster jobseekers into work.

"Over the first twelve months, we expect to welcome over 6,500 jobseekers onto the Programme and are confident to help over 1,850 people into long term, sustainable employment in our first 12 months.

"With an unemployment rate well above 7.5%, we believe a tough job market requires a more entrepreneurial approach to inspire and educate local people on 'How to Get that Job'.

"We get results for our jobseekers and employers because we think differently, challenge the status quo, deliver with speed and urgency and exceed the expectation of our clients.

"This is what our brand stands for and this is why people have trusted our brand for 32 years."

"We empower people to be accountable and responsible for their lives, to never stop learning, to persist and to believe in themselves with passion," Mr Berlese said

Sarina Russo Job Access entrepreneurial approach includes:

  • Pre-employment preparation
  • Employer partnerships
  • Job ready training courses
  • Life skills training and
  • Career counselling, in-work-support, mentoring.

"Sarina Russo Job Access is successful because we live by the adage - Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care", added Mr Berlese.