West Midlands’ job agency tops nation for youth jobs

The West Midlands is home to the UK's number one employment agency for supporting young people into jobs, according to national performance data released by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for the period 1 July 2012 to 31 March 2013.

Sarina Russo Job Access, CEO, Mark Berlese said the national performance data shows Sarina Russo Job Access has exceed the Department’s performance target, for placing young people into long-term work, by 30% and sit at the top of the performance table.

"We empower people young people to be accountable and responsible for their life, to never stop learning, to persist and to believe in themselves with passion, Mr Berlese said.

Lincoln came to Sarina Russo one month ago after being unemployed for six months.

“After coming to Sarina Russo Job Access I realised that good training can get you the skills you need to get a job

"They told me young people have advantages over other jobseekers,” Lincoln said.

Mr Berlese said Sarina Russo Job Access’ role in helping kids like Lincoln is to build their confidence, assess their training needs and highlight young people’s 10 key employment advantages.

1. Technology savvy

2. Brilliant and natural multi-taskers

3. Still in 'learning mode' - good way to approach a new job!

4. Flexible

5. Have a 'can do' attitude

6. Have high energy levels

7. Fewer commitments outside work

8. Prepared to travel

9. Invest time and energy into building a career path

10. Looking for fresh challenges

“Once they understand their advantages we hone in on developing the most valuable job seeking asset – The Right Attitude.

"You can always teach someone skills, but the right attitude is employment gold because it’s what employers expect in a good employee,” Mr Berlese said.

Lincoln said Sarina Russo Job Access’ Recruitment Team set him up with a couple of interviews and was so excited to be offered both jobs.

I took the one that was best for me and will be working as a Security Guard at The Ricoh Arena in the NHS area.  It’s so great to know that this job will help me to save up and do all those things I couldn’t do before,” Lincoln said.

Mr Berlese said the DWP figures are a tribute to Sarina Russo Job Access’ entrepreneurial philosophy and our ability to focus on what a jobseeker 'can do'.