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How to Avoid the Con-Job

When applying for a job you must protect your personal information with the same level of security as you would protect your ATM PIN.

Identity theft can happen to anyone from senior managers to workers on a factory floor.

"It's becoming increasingly common for unscrupulous operators to advertise job opportunities with the aim of stealing identities of those jobseekers who apply for the job.

"Sarina Russo Job Access has five tips for jobseekers to avoid unscrupulous con-men, posing as employers, from stealing your identity.

Avoid Job Interview Theft

  • Use the internet and the phone directories to check a company's bona fides
  • An employer only needs your name and contact phone number at the initial interview
  • Ask about the company history, why are they recruiting and about training and induction processes
  • Only supply bank account details after you start the job
  • Observe the surroundings: does it look like a place of business? Does it have landline phones or just mobiles?
  • Use a recruitment specialist who must vet the bona fides of all employers
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