Employer Testimonials

"Helen's disability did not faze us Sarina Russo Job Access explained her disability would not impact upon her ability to do the job and once we met her, we knew she was capable to take on the workload and her enthusiasm was very impressive. I am so glad we saw her potential and realised her abilities - Helen's become a great asset to our business."

- Catrina Waltisbuhl, Proprietor Deep Water Aquatics

"MTAQ members benefit from Sarina Russo Job Access' ability to pre-screen unemployed job seekers which will save members time and money in the employment process"

- Aviars Blums, Group Chief Executive, Motor Trades Association Queensland

"Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services helps contribute to a workplace environment where all our apprentices are treated as learners, as well as workers."

- Duncan McKenna Stowe Australia, Apprentice Coordinator

"PMCQ has been using Russo Recruitment to fill our staff vacancies for permanent and temporary administration staff since 2005. The recruitment staff at Russo has always been very keen to know the particular requirements for each position. They carefully screen each applicant before organising an interview for us."

- Debra Le Bhers - CEO Postgraduate Medical Education Council

"I was impressed with the personalised, professional and thorough service I received through Sarina Russo Job Access. I had three positions vacant and was able to fill them all. I would use Sarina Russo Job Access again, without a doubt!"

- Michelle Dougal | Managing Director | Famous Pacific Shipping

"As soon as we needed staff, I called Sarina Russo Job Access, who were prompt in listing our vacancy. Vlad was such a quality candidate that he was quickly promoted to Service Driver. Their consultants took the time to understand our needs, and their attention to detail made a big difference. We have placed half a dozen staff using Sarina Russo Job Access, and are now our first point of call when we need staff "

- Cameron Van Bailen | Managing Director | Gateway Laundry