Government Incentives

Access Government Incentives to recruit and train the right people for your business

Apprenticeship Age Grant - £1,500 per apprentice

Support employers create new jobs and opportunities by recruiting apprentices aged 16-24.

Employers interested in upgrading a part-time worker aged 16-24 to full-time through an apprenticeship may also be eligible to receive the Age Grant of £1,500

There is no limit to the amount of apprentices an employer can take on as long as eligibility requirement are met:

  1. Pay the apprentice in line with minimum wage requirements
  2. Employ less than 1,000 staff in the UK
  3. You cannot have had an employee start an apprenticeship in the past 12 months (either as an existing employee undertaking an apprenticeship or a new recruit)
  4. You do not exceed any State Aid rules

Work Experience – Try before you buy

If you have job vacancies, consider a Work Trial to test out a jobseeker’s compatibility before offering them a job.

The length of this work experience placement is between 2 and 8 weeks for 25 to 30 hours per week. Alternatively it can be up to 12 weeks when linked to an apprenticeship.


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