Disability Employment Support

Realise your Employment Potential Handbook

Harness your Ability!


Sarina Russo Job Access’ 10 point plan harnesses your abilities and focusses on what you 'can do': 

  1. Identify your skills, abilities and employment goals;
  2. Develop an individual plan to achieve your goals;
  3. Access to specialist services including Psychologists; Occupational Therapists, etc;
  4. Undertake vocational training;
  5. Access interpreter services;
  6. Match your skills to suitable job opportunities;
  7. Start work experience and / or paid work trials;
  8. Deal and negotiate with employers;
  9. Obtain workplace modifications;
  10. Get you that Job!

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Green Light Programme

The Green Light Program is a 3-day intensive psychological-based program to assist in moving jobseekers with multiple barriers forward into the right employment.


When individuals are unemployed they find themselves stuck and/or feeling like they are always waiting at a Red Light.


There may be a number of reasons why their ‘traffic light’ has not yet turned Green.

The Green Light Programme helps jobseekers with multiple barriers to employment.


A Green Light Programme report is provided for each participant. This report outlines barriers and makes recommendations to address these barriers, including an individualised Job Search Plan incorporating relevant Local Labour Market information.


Psychologists can then provide specific follow-up with Sarina Russo Job Access staff to ensure each jobseekers has the best opportunity to get a job.