Getting That Job - Interview Tips!

The Last Word!

If you get an interview, the employer believes you can do the job! You HAVE the skills and experience. It is up to YOU to become the face and personality behind the resumé.

Before the Interview

Companies respond well to candidates who take the time to do some research.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Websites
  • Libraries
  • Company brochures
  • GO DIRECT - Phone the receptionist and ask questions!
  • Employment agencies/job network consultants
  • Request an annual report

Prepare your interview clothing

Launder or dry clean your best clothes and dress appropriately for the job and culture

Plan how to get there

Ensure you have the exact address and company name. Plan whether you are going by public/private transport. Allow for last minute hitches and get there early.

Know your facts and figures about your last employer

Make sure you are prepared to answer questions about your last position. Think of specific examples from your previous employment relating to duties and responsibilities. Never make negative comments about your previous employer.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer, for example:

  • Why is the position available?
  • What sort of people have done well in the organisation?
  • How many staff are in this company?
  • Who would I be directly responsible to?
  • Would I be working in a team or alone?
  • Are there any plans for the company's expansion?
  • What are the company's best selling products or services?

Prepare/rehearse your answers - to their questions

Have a mock interview with someone.

Know your market value

But be prepared to start at base rate and review later.

During the interview

This is your ONLY opportunity to sell yourself! Use action words like "I organised...","I initiated...". Use concise, simple language and speak clearly.

  • If given an application form to fill out, fill it out neatly and completely (even if repeating your resume)
  • Greet the interviewer using their surname
  • Shake hands firmly
  • Follow their lead but try to get the interviewer to describe the position early so you can relate your skills to the role
  • Don't give YES/NO answers. Give examples
  • Don't lie! Liars need to have a great memory
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time
  • Always be prepared with 2 or 3 questions to ask - these show the employer you're genuinely interested in the vacancy and the organisation.

What employers want to find out:

  • Will this person fit in and get along with everyone else?
  • Would I like this person to work with me?
  • What value will this person add to our business?
  • Does this person seem hardworking and committed to the job?
  • Do they seem reliable and dependable?
  • Do they have the skills or are they capable of doing the job?
  • Do they have initiative?


Body language

The way you sit, act, make eye contact, smile and nod!

Be yourself

That is - don't become a parrot or a robot. Don't rehearse or write the lines - often you can over-prepare. Think for yourself - don't just repeat what someone else has told you.

Don't try and change the world

That is, don't scare off the employer by being too overbearing. Don't say things like "I will change your company" or "I will implement this program" and so on.

Leave the baggage at home

Look to the future - not to the past. Although it is important to talk about your previous skills and experience, use this information to demonstrate what YOU can do for the company.

Talk about your strengths, not your weaknesses

Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Talk about skills you DO have -• not ones you don't.

Top 5 interview tips

  1. Conduct background research
  2. Make job applications relevant to the job and company
  3. Remember that first impressions count
  4. Write a letter, email or call after the interview to thank the interviewer for their time
  5. If you haven't heard anything a week after the interview, make a courteous call or email to enquire about your application

Download this fact sheet here.

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