Jobseeker Success Stories!

Community Task Force: The Circle of Life

The 'rut' of unemployment trapped David for the best part of a year.  He was low on confidence, his self esteem was shot and he was simply going through the motions of habitual welfare.

That's until the Jobcentre made him an appointment with personal advisor, Faye Hennell from Sarina Russo Job Access Coventry.

With Faye's help David started a 13 week Community Taskforce placement at Circles Network Fordfield - a centre for disabled people in Leamington Spa.

David said the Circles Network staff are fun to work with, you can have a joke with them.

"My confidence has grown so much that I asked Faye for another 13 weeks.

"Six months ago I wouldn't have done anything like this. It's opened my eyes to a career in care.

"Faye and the team at Sarina Russo Job Access, and the all staff at Circles Network have changed my life for the better," David said   

Attitude gives you Altitude to 'Get that Job'

The Community Taskforce programme has changed the attitude of two young men and given them the altitude to soar into the workforce

Jake was Sarina Russo Job Access Brighton's first customer.  After 3 years of unemployment he felt like a 'failure' and didn't believe he could get a job.  Literacy and a lack of work experience were his main barriers to employment

Jake worked closely with Femi (Advisor) and Shelby (Trainer) to build a CV, work on his literacy, draft cover letters and fill in application forms. Femi and Shelby provided Jake with guidance on using the internet and newspapers to look for jobs.

Sarina Russo Job Access placed Jake at furniture recycling company, Furniture Now.  Almost immediately Jake became more and more confident and self assured. His was also motivated by the excellent feedback the company gave him on his work ethic and initiative.

Towards the end his 13 week placement, Furniture Now asked Jake to apply for a job vacancy and shortly after he was offered a full time position. Jake is currently thriving in his new working life and feels a real sense of achievement. He was over the moon to get the job and said that "it was great that the Sarina Russo Job Access team was always there for him. 

Llewellyn lack of qualifications and work experience left him unmotivated and believing he had little hope of getting a job in such a tough employment market.

Sarina Russo job Access found Llewellyn a placement in a charity shop run by the British Heart Foundation. Here he gained valuable experience in retail and working as part of a team.

Through the 13 weeks Llewellyn was set realistic and motivational goals, his work-life balance was re-evaluated and he was set a career plan.  Llewellyn realised he had been underestimating his abilities and prospects.

Llewellyn has just informed Sarina Russo Job Access Brighton that had an interview with a start up direct marketing and advertising company and two days later he got the job. 


Cleaning up! - A win - win outcome

Caring Hands is a Church based Charity that works with the homeless in the Medway Area. Caring Hands is a drop in centre, a kitchen and café, plus they are now re-cycling computers for sale and use.

The Centre has kept stores in wooden sheds at the rear of the building, which were broken into on many occasions. The centre's manager, Marty Brogan, knew the sheds had to be replaced, but clearing the garden was going to be time consuming and costly. This is where Sarina Russo Job Access Chatham and the Community Taskforce programme came to the rescue.

Sarina Russo Job Access organised a ground clearing project involving Lee, Tom, Ross and Oliver.

Lee (25) had spent more than half his life in prison. Initially the programme was hard for him, but with the aid of his adviser he became so involved and enthusiastic he inspired all the other team members. Caring Hands is so impressed with his efforts would happily employ him.

Oliver is very shy was badly affected by the isolation that unemployment. With guidance from his advisor, Oliver demonstrated a strong work ethic and was 2IC on the project. Tom and Ross proved to be invaluable team members whose confidence grew remarkably throughout the project.

All four young men are now undertaking their CSCS card and will all have a reference.

Two other Community Taskforce customers, Sam and Champagne, work in the kitchen, preparing and cooking the meals for the homeless. They cook up to 185 breakfasts, snacks and lunches as well as being involved in all aspects of catering, including washing up and cleaning.

Every one of Sarina Russo Job Access' candidates worked extremely hard and subsequently been given more responsibilities by Caring Hands, allowing them to build up more and more specific and transferable skills along with motivation a strong work ethic.