Success Stories

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"As a single mum I couldn't work when my child was sick I had no support systems. Sarina Russo Job Access understood these challenges and when I needed help didn't make me feel like 'just a number' who had to take any job. They helped me with my career goals, what I was emotionally and physically capable of doing and prepared me to meet family-friendly employers. The staff's positive attitude, advice, patience and empathy were far beyond my expectations."

- Rachel Kayrooz, Director & Founder, SHOUT!

"As a single mother my self esteem corroded and I felt unemployable. Sarina Russo Job Access recognised I had a range of skills to offer employers. They arranged for me to attend a careers course which I loved. I'm now back in the workforce - I feel confident once again and the future looks bright. "

- Barbara Kitto

"Managing a home with three kids, you learn how to manage people, you know how to negotiate and to keep calm. Most parents also have great organisational and time management skills. Sarina Russo Job Access helped metransfer my parenting skills directly intothe workforce."

- Karen Sharp, working mother of three City Info Public Relations

"Sarina Russo Job Access mentors offered me a hands-on assistance to help me re-adjust to the workforce. They coached me on interview techniques, workplace etiquette and acted as a mediator between me and my employer"

- Vivian Doyle

"I can now get a good job as a mechanic thanks to what I learnt during the training and work experience Sarina Russo gave me"

- Ater Ater

"It is an amazing opportunity to start my apprenticeship surrounded by so many experienced chefs and I'm sure they'll help me take my cooking career to a higher level"

- Brendan Bretschneider

"I had lots of casual jobs after leaving school, but really wanted a career in office administration. Sarina Russo Job Access marketed me direct to employers for traineeships and helped me with my interview skills.Now I work full time as an administration trainee and I'm really enjoying work and learning new skills every day."

- Jessica Ciabarra, Brisbane City Council

"Sarina Russo Job Access took care of all my workplace modifications from a work site assessment through to installation and funding. They even supported me on the job until I was completely set up and independent."

- Mitchell Wilson, Department of Project Services

"I turned to Sarina Russo Job Access to assist me in developing the skills required to re-enter the workforce. My consultant recognised my abilities and saw that I was the right match for ProteaFlora Nursery. To assist me to make the successful transition to work, Sarina Russo Job Access purchased me a new hearing aid which has made a huge difference to my life. Sarina Russo Job Access changed my life. They looked at my ability not my disability."

- Robert Hudd, Protea Flora

"Sarina Russo Job Access helped me get a job in a chemist, stay in that job and develop to my fullest potential."

- Natalie Baira

"I was a factory worker and wanted a career change… Russo Recruitment prepared me for an interview as an admin officer with the Office of State Revenue and I've never looked back."

- John Coutts

"After a lengthy illness, Sarina Russo's rehabilitation consultant helped improve my confidence and after a work experience program as a shop assistant I got a job at Lowes Menswear."

- Darren Kelly

"I lost my vision as a result of diabetes which stopped me practising law. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Sarina Russo Group I'm back working in the industry I love. Now I have my life back, Thank you."

- Amanda Guildford